Photo credit Miranda O'Leary Photography

About Me

Hello! I am Carla, the owner and photographer here at Enchanted Hill Photography. I live in the small town of St George, where my husband Josh and I are raising our 5 young children and travel back and forth to my studio in Saint John, NB.

We live a beautiful full life between piano lessons, hockey, summer trips to Prince Edward Island and time spent together.
We have a penchant for old houses and live in a constant state of renovation (what else would you get when an artist and engineer get together!).

I know many photographers, growing up, always had a camera in their hand or knew they were meant to go down this path but I never did! When was small my mother would allow me to make messes with sewing, painting, long as I could create something I was a happy camper! I feel like the camera found me after I had tried every other medium.

Photography fills my cup, even after six years! I still get excited to photograph every single baby. I am always in awe of their perfection, their smell and little newborn noises they make in their sleep. I also know that the newborn stage only lasts a few days and before parents realize is over.

I have qualified as a CMPro and have work featured in magazines such as Canadian Living, Click Magazine the Maritime Edit.