How do you Pick the date for Newborn Pictures? I don't KNow if they will be early or late?

Book your newborn pictures as soon as possible. Not date is set but we have general idea of when baby should arrive. Once baby has arrived have someone message me. When both mom and baby are discharged, contact me again and I will have the available dates for the studio. This goes for preemies as well, we simply wait till they are discharged.

This fluid booking manner means I always leave a couple spaces each week for expected babies and take a limited number each month.


When Should I Book My Maternity Session?

Maternity sessions are booked between 29-33 weeks. Far enough along that you have a round belly and still quite mobile and comfortable. We can do them later but 29-33 week is preferable.


Can I bring siblings to the session?

Yes! If I are able to get pictures of siblings together we will! There are toys for them to play with while they are waiting but I suggest bringing familiar snacks, toys and a drink as well. In warmer months if they get especially restless, there is an amazing playground down the road that another parent can take them there for a little visit.


Can I bring my pets? I really want them in the picture!

My building is pet friendly. I only will photograph dogs but they must be leashed and well mannered. I am very familiar working with pets (fun fact)I used to be an award-winning pet grooming and a dog owner myself. As a safety precaution, all baby and dog pictures will be taken with the use of photoshop magic. I will take a picture of the dog without the baby and then a picture of the baby and photoshop them together. This is 100% for safety. A new baby is a big change, photography studios are unfamiliar and could be stressful. So I always go on the safety side to create those beautiful pictures. After your pet is done, I suggest someone running them home so they are more comfortable.


Session Fee + A Collection? What does that mean?

To book a session the session fee is paid and your spot held. 2-3 weeks after the session has taken place you and I will meet together (usually at the studio) and I will show you a slideshow with all of the edited images. You decide which Collection suits your needs and then I help you choose your favourite images.


I don't know if I can decide on the spot which pictures to buy!

Choosing can be hard but this is where I can help you! Think about how you want to display this pictures, where you want to put them and who would love the gift of pictures from your session.

During the ordering session I use special software so you can view your images on the TV in the studio, you are able to sort your favourites and compare images side by side! So far my track record has been 100% of my clients were able to decide which ones they love (or they just bought them all because who wants to give up gorgeousness?)


What does an online gallery mean?

When you purchase digital pictures, I will email you a link. Click the link and you are taken to an online gallery, a personal little website of your pictures. From there you can view and share with friends and family. Download them to your computer and even order from my online store professional canvases and prints. This is available for six months. Click here to see what an online gallery looks like.


Do we need to bring our own props and baby outfits for the newborn session?

No! My studio is full stocked with props, baskets, outfits and accessories for your baby! I only carry items that photograph well and are higher end. I even have gowns for Mom's to wear for her pictures as well!


What age do you do a newborn session?

I prefer to do newborns around 5-14 days. They are still very bendy and 'womb-like' and sleep more. There are circumstances that this age range doesn't apply. Sometimes babies come earlier and we wait for the discharge date (what ever that will be), some babies are a little bit older.


I missed the newborn stage! Can I still get pictures of my 8 week old baby?

Yes! Once the newborn stage has passed you can still have a session and it will not look exactly like a newborn session. Older babies are not as flexible, they are more aware of who is holding and touching them and may be more particular. They waken much easier so sleeping pictures are harder to achieve. They often cannot be posed like a newborn baby. Older babies can give better eye contact, older babies may share some smiles, they are very expressive and sometimes they surprise us and let us pose them a little bit!


What is Your experience working with newborns?

I have been photographer for almost 10 years, mother of 5 children, photographed over 150 newborns (and counting!). I have taken newborn safety courses through Click Company and APNPI. I also always work with an assistant. The role of my assistant is to spot newborns so baby is always in safe hands. I have also had the privilege of photographing the newborns for many of our local doctors and nurses from the Saint John Regional Hospital.






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