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Sibling love is incredibly special. This is their first best friend and often siblings will have an incredible bond that they will never find with anyone else. Jenna is close with her brother and she was excited for Cruz to have a sibling who was also close to his age!

During the newborn session, I can never predict how a new older sibling will react. Sometimes they are very shy and unsure of this new little creature that has rocked their world. Some are so glad to finally have some one on one attention with Mommy and Daddy because Jen and I are working with the baby. They have so much fun with a couple of hours of undivided attention. Some are SOOOO in love with this little person and will sit next to us and ask to help us (it is super cute!). Cruz was so sweet with his baby brother, he was quite happy to sit next to Jax and his smiles were genuine joy!

I have been watching him grow up from his Mama’s first maternity session, his newborn session and the second pregnancy family session and now this sweet new baby! (and in a few weeks I will be capturing his parents wedding!).

Keeping Jax’s nursery in mind when choosing the colours for the setups we had so much fun with this baby boy! He graced us with a few smiles and we compared how close he looked to his brother (ironically one of the large canvases displayed in my studio is of Jenna holding baby #1 during his session! So we had a life sized comparison!) he decided to open his little yes for a little bit and I was able to capture the cutest picture with both boys!

sibling love between two bothers sitting on a cream rugnew mother holding her newborn in her armscollage of a baby boy wrapped in scarves newborn boy who is naked and laying on a grey blankettwo brother laying next to each on on a rug

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