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I am Carla Bagley, an Award Winning Photographer who loves to photograph babies.


Like many of my clients, I am a mother and have five children ranging in ages 6-16 years. I wish I could say I remember every moment of their babyhood but honestly time has blurred so many of those memories.


My children make me laugh, they keep magic alive in our house, they remind me daily that life is good. My boys are now teenagers and tower over me (it doesn't take much, I am pretty short). The only evidence I have of those dimpled babies are the photographs on my walls. You do not realize how fast time slips away until you have children.


Opening my studio in the city of Saint John was to provide a better experience for my clients. I love the challenge of working with newborns, every baby is perfect, pure and unique. No two sessions are ever the same.

I am looking forward to working with your family!




Carla Bagley, a woman with green eyes and dark brown hair, who is the owner of enchanted hill photography, wearing a pink blouse and holding a Nikon camera
Carla Bagley photographing a newborn

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