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Hi I am Carla Bagley, the owner and photographer at Enchanted Hill Photography.

I am raising my five young children in the the small town of St George (nearly an hour from Saint John , my husband and I both grew up in this tight knit community.

I am talkative, I like to be busy, I love creating and pretty things. I can easily spend an hour or two browsing through Pinterest:) And I really like to add smily faces at the end of my sentences:)

My children make me laugh, they keep magic alive in our house, they remind me daily that life is good and time is flying by too fast. My ideal Friday night involves all 7 of us crowded on our couch, in jammies, wrapped in quilts, watching a movie we have all seen a few hundred times, just because it makes us happy.

I opened my studio in the city of Saint John so that I could provide a better experience for my clients. I love the challenge of working with newborns, every baby is perfect, pure and unique. No two sessions are ever the same.

Looking forward to working with your family! Please contact me to book your session!

Take care!


Saint John Photographer and her baby

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