At What Age Should Newborn Photos Be Taken

This is a question I get regularly asked. At what age should newborn photos be taken? My answer is usually between 4 to 12 days from birth but really it depends!

newborn girl sleeping with her hands cradled to the Side of her face

Preemie Babies

Sometime babies come extra early and need more time in the NICU. This happens not too often but when it does parents feel like their world has flipped upside down. All those plans and time lines are thrown out the window. When it comes to your baby pictures we wait until they are discharged from the hospital and come home. Typically this is close to their actual due date. When baby is discharged we ask that parents call us and we try to get baby in as soon as possible.

Overdue Babies

Some babies are born well over their due date (let me tell you about one of my own babies who leisurely arrived over 2 weeks late), these babies I like to get into the studio within 4-6 days. After 200+ babies I have found these babies are more alert, a little more sensitive, and waiting to the 12-day mark means they are less ‘womb-like’ compared to babies who arrive within a week of their due date.

baby girl wear a lacy outfit sleeping in a vintage prop with roses

When Complications Occur

No matter what we do during pregnancy and birth, things do not always go as planned and complications occur. Babies need more time in the hospital or procedures that need to occur. Again in my studio, we wait till the baby is discharged from the hospital and book them as soon as possible.

But Is 3 Weeks Too Old for a Newborn Session

This is something that were had to face after the Covid quarantine! Babies born while we were closed and still wanted those fresh little baby pictures. What were learned is some babies were not as bendy but some were still able to pose nice and curly. Some babies were much more alert and soothing them to sleep was NOT easy! Our sessions were much longer but we were still able to create beautiful pictures.

newborn boy sleeping on. vintage bed while snuggling his teddy bear

When Do You Prefer Photographing Newborns?

As a professional photographer I prefer photographing newborns between 5-10 days. Babies are still very sleepy and curly, nursing issues have been addressed, formulas have been figured out. Mom has had a little healing time. There are times I will stretch that time out till 14 days because behind the scenes I may have a busy schedule with my family, my assistant may not be available or we are slammed in the studio with sessions.

In conclusion with our experience and knowledge we feel confident we can create a beautiful session for your new little love and will tell you what days we have available and what works best for us and for your little one!

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