baby makes a family (Saint John NB newborn photo session)

When you sit back and think about how truly amazing a baby can be to your relationships, it is mind-blowing! Two people come together and now they are both inextricable connected for the rest of their lives. Families are born, bonds formed and now the future is filled with traditions, seeing the world through your baby’s eyes, creating a life for this child that you feel is best.

This sweet little gentlemen arrived at the studio and was so curious to everything that was around him! His sweet inquisitive face was darling. We had so much fun working with him and creating some amazing pictures when he was only days old!

Normally we try not to photograph when eyes are open (newborns have immature eyes and cannot always hold a gaze or keep both eyes looking in the same direction) but this little guy proved us wrong by staring directly at the camera!!

four picture collage of newborn babies sleeping
a baby wrapped in a cream wool blanket and wearing a bear hat
two pictures of a baby. One baby has his eyes open and the other baby is sleeping with his hands folded
a baby wrapped in a cloth and sliming at the camera

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