Big Changes

The fall is always a photographer’s busiest season. Our clients want sessions during the fall foliage, they want to capture beautiful pictures of their little ones to give as Christmas gifts and combined with a bit of a baby boom, it felt a little bit crazy! To add to the mix my family was in the middle of a massive renovation and move. We left our small farmhouse for a larger home that would accommodate all of my little ones. the renovations was (is!) huge and I think I will be washing off drywall dust for 6 months but it was worth all the effort and the ongoing chaos.

As a photographer I am excited about this new home’s large windows. Our previous house was in a hollow, with trees surrounding the house. I will miss my tress but I won’t miss the fact that there were few windows that gave me enough light to play with. The new house is big, and light and makes my heart do little back flips with excitement.

My kids have been warned I will be stalking them over the winter months.

We are still adjusting to the big change, still trying to organize (not my forte), still trying to move our belongings out of boxes. I have yet to figure out which bus my kids will need to take or even where. I decided on the 23rd of this month that I was on vacation and had a nice little mental break which gave us time to enjoy our family and friends for the holidays and I had limited wifi. Slowly I will pace myself back to work but for now I will chase my kids around with my camera.

Black and white of a little girl looking at an iPadBlack and white of a little girl eating pieBlack and white of a little girl throwing her hands in the airBlack and white of a little girl in dramatic lightBlack and while of a little girl watching a movie on an iPad


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