Another Little Princess (New Brunswick Newborn Photographer)

A third little sister for this sweet family! This family is only of my favourites as I have had the chance to get to know them over the past few years!

Victoria arrived with the wildest hair and I was insanely in love with her for that reason (my babies were so bald their little heads shined!). We had fun ‘styling’ her hair and made sure that the headbands didn’t squash and of its natural volume.

Her big sister was a rare baby that arrived sleeping and never woke to see what was happening but Miss Victoria was like the majority of the babies that come to the studio. She looked around, got the hiccups, stared us a down a bit more but finally slipped into a mid-morning nap and we had some fun photographing her!

Her big sister was an expert at holding babies and her other sister Eloise, who we were not sure if she would cooperate for her pictures was a rockstar! She smiled and cheesed at the camera perfectly!

sleeping baby posed for a picture wearing a floral headband
sleeping baby sleeping in a wooden vintage bucket wearing a cream headband
two family pictures of siblings and parents holding a sleeping baby
a sleeping baby sleeping wrapped in a scarf and wearing a lacy bonnet

swee​tnes​s of a baby girl (Saint John baby photographer)

The biggest compliment you can give a photographer is when you refer to other people OR return to them! This was the case with sweet little Evelyn! It has only been maybe two years since we last saw her big brother and now here she is in our studio!

Her mama didn’t want pictures last time but we convinced her this time and there was a little magic in the air! Mothers feel so tired and worn down but truthfully they are glowing and beautiful after their babies arrive.

I love being able to show them how beautiful they really are to everyone else. The sweetest truth is someday our babies won’t fit in our hands, they will be too chubby and too busy.

sleeping baby girl doing a froggy pose on a pink blanket
collage of four baby girls sleeping and posed
newborn baby wear a white outfit and sleeping on a pink blanket on her tummy
college of four pictures with a sleeping newborn girl.
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baby makes a family (Saint John NB newborn photo session)

When you sit back and think about how truly amazing a baby can be to your relationships, it is mind-blowing! Two people come together and now they are both inextricable connected for the rest of their lives. Families are born, bonds formed and now the future is filled with traditions, seeing the world through your baby’s eyes, creating a life for this child that you feel is best.

This sweet little gentlemen arrived at the studio and was so curious to everything that was around him! His sweet inquisitive face was darling. We had so much fun working with him and creating some amazing pictures when he was only days old!

Normally we try not to photograph when eyes are open (newborns have immature eyes and cannot always hold a gaze or keep both eyes looking in the same direction) but this little guy proved us wrong by staring directly at the camera!!

four picture collage of newborn babies sleeping
a baby wrapped in a cream wool blanket and wearing a bear hat
two pictures of a baby. One baby has his eyes open and the other baby is sleeping with his hands folded
a baby wrapped in a cloth and sliming at the camera
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Michelle & Mitchell | Camp Medley Wedding

Can I love this couple enough? It has been an incredible journey with Michelle and Mitchell! Michelle is a planner and booked me two years in advance. When we booked her engagement pictures she had a BIG secret that no one else knew but shared with me, she was expecting!

We schemed and planned a way to capture Mitchell learning he would be a father! Fast forward to little Fenwick making them a family and their newborn session to finally October 13, 2018, their wedding day.

The weather threatened rain but only sprinkled a handful of raindrops the entire day (but it was very chilly!). Michelle was relaxed and had that bridal glow! I don’t think I ever saw Mitchell smile so big all day! Surrounded by their family and friends they were married in the simple little chapel at Camp Medley. It was standing room only and not a single person complained because they were so happy to see them married. My favourite moment was when their best man and maid of honour were signing the wedding papers and Michelle and Mitchell were alone at the altar. Holding hands, smiling, staring at the rings they had only moments before exchanged.

Their reception was sweet, filled with laughter and all around were the evidence of Michelle’s hard work. The decor and the day were was flawless. The ideal plan had been for sunset pictures but the overcast clouds threw that out the window and instead we headed back to the sweet chapel, in the dark, we did some nighttime photos that were unique to them and location.

Thank you, Michelle and Mitchell! It has been an honour and privilege being asked to document your story, watch your family grow, meeting sweet Fenwick and meeting your family and friends. 


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2018 Christmas Mini Sessions

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