I am so proud to say I am now a CMPro…(and the first only one in New Brunswick!). What does this mean? I basically took an exam for photographers. I had to submit 150 images that would be reviewed by three other photographers, everything was done anonymously, the reviewers did not know who they were reviewing.
Every image was evaluated on the technical proficiency, colour, creativity, expression, etc…and my images past the test and I was invited into this small and select group of artists.
Clickin Moms is a group of over 17,000 photographers they created the CMPro group to share, teach and set a standard in the photography industry.
It does not mean any changes for my local clients but it does mean that my work is being shared with a global audience on the CM Daily Project.

It was a personal and professional goal that I have worked towards for a very long time, when I received my acceptance letter I had a little celebration and my ever supporting husband just grinned and said, ‘I told you so, I knew you would get in!’. It is also pretty neat to see my name in their directory.

And this badge means so much to me, it means hard work, many hours of reading and studying and practising.
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