How a Session with Twins is a little different. 

There is something amazing when it comes to twins and this is how a session with twins is a little different compared to a singleton session.

Twins wrapped in cream blankets and sleeping in a small wood box in a Saint John photography studio.

The Cost is Not Different (despite the work being double)

The number one question from expecting twin parents is if the cost is double? The answer is NO, the cost is the same as it is for a single, or even triplet session. Why? Because the cost in the studio remains the same. The time for the session may be longer but it is pretty close to our average session time. 

An Assistant (not a parent) is Necessary for Twins

I prefer to use an assistant for every session, without one I am limited on the style and posing. Safety is a huge aspect of our work. With twins I need a second set of hands and need to help. Parents are sleep deprived (double!),  Mom is recovering and Dad is caring for Mom, therefore, I have an assistant to make it easier. 

Two people to help rock, cuddle, and keep safe hands inches away. When we do the pictures with one baby, the other is safely in the arms of someone else. We need all sets of hands!

twins sleeping on a cream blanket and a wrap crinkled on each side

Less Variety but Same Number of Images

Normally with every posed newborn session we aim for 4-6 setups but with twins we are doing double the work. Sometimes we have one (or two babies) who need a little extra love and the workload on our end is doubled. We aim for 3-4 setups max with twins but the upside is the fact Mom’s have two babies and that means often large galleries of images to choose from. There will be doubles of certain setups to account for each twin. This is one major reason how a session with twins is a little different because there are less setups.

We Have Limited Doubles for Props/Wraps

The studio is full of amazing props from all over the world, tiny outfits and cute little headbands. We pride ourselves on the large collection.

A very tiny amount is doubled for twins. Financially it doesn’t make sense to buy doubles every time, when we do not book multiples often enough. There are a few matching wraps, a couple matching headbands and bonnets. We often aim for similar but different colours. Some parents want everything matching, some nothing matching and some want a mixture.

This is an example of how twin sessions are a little different because the twins sleeping in the little box are not wearing matching outfits but rather coordinating .

We Hurt after a Session with Twins

My regular assistant and I LOVE doing twins because they are amazing and fill us with awe. What we don’t love is how our bodies ache after a long session with twice the burping, double the swaying, the back ache from being bent over the entire session with zero down time. It is worth the pain every time. We feel how a session with twins is a little different compared to a singleton after each session.

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