Top 5 Tips to Prepare for Family Pictures

family picture tips

Family pictures can be very stressful when you are trying to get ready, get there and keep little ones smiling at a stranger with a camera! It doesn’t have to be so stressful, ┬áhere are my top 5 tips for family pictures!!

1. Know Your Schedule and Adjust if Necessary

When you book make note if this will interrupt nap time, will there be a tight time span from picking up from daycare? Will you have enough time to eat dinner? Do you have enough time to get yourself ready? Majority of photographers may not have weekends available so this means your session may be during the work week, make sure you have the time you need. It may require leaving work early or having a prepared supper as soon as you go home. For little ones and nap times, if you can change or move the nap schedule a little bit it may make a happier baby. The key is to be a little flexible and make sure you have more time then you think you will need.

2. Prepare Your Clothing

Are you not sure what to wear? Ask your photographer well in advance! Make sure you try on all clothing (you do not want to find out that those pants do not fit your son the day of pictures!) and double check in the mirror. Also make sure the clothing is adjustable for the weather, you may need to add sweaters for colder temperatures or take sweaters off for hotter days. Pictures can be very miserable if everyone is chilled from the cold fall breeze. Plan accordingly. Lay everything out the night before and do not forget socks and jewellery!

3. Know Where You are Going

If you are going to a location that your photographer has picked out and you are not 100% sure either use Google Maps or ask to meet your photographer at a well known location like a school or business. You can follow them to the spot and not lose any time from your location. If your photographer is using natural light and your session is scheduled in the evening, losing any time may mean that your session will have to be cut shorter due to the loss of light.

4. Non Messy Snacks

For younger kids it can be a very good idea to have a few non messy snacks hidden away. Just in case someone decided that they were not going to eat dinner that night (I am a mother of picky eaters and this happens always when we need to go somewhere after our meal!), having a little snack in the middle of a session if someone is getting really cranky can help. Snacks that will not be messy are the best! Bringing some wet wipes helps too. Also, think about what everyone has eaten before the session…candy that stains mouths and lips a bright colour are not ideal (like orange pop moustaches!).

5. Act like Having Your Pictures Take Will be SOOOOOO Much Fun

Some people look forward to having their pictures one like a root canal and guess what? Your children can feel that vibe. The result is stiff and cranky kiddos and stressed out parents. Fake it folks! Act like this is going to be SOOOO much fun, that you cannot wait to get your pictures done! Tell them how much fun it is going to be! With tons of patience and and air of excitement, your kids will be more willing to co-operate.



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