Welcome New Baby Brother- Saint John Newborn

This family welcomes a new baby brother to Saint John. This little guy hands down is the envy of every woman with his gorgeous long eyelashes! I am guessing they reached the sky but I would never know because he slept soundly for the entire session!

We kept the colours neutral with a soft grey and baby blue and gently posed him  how he wanted to move. I received the biggest compliment from his sweet mama who said that we were her push present! I love she wanted something special such as photographs that will last her entire life.

He even achieved the perfect little smile at the right time! Usually what happen is I will put my camera down to adjust something or change a setting on the back of the camera and then baby will ALWAYS smile. I miss so many smiles! This little guy never cracked a grin but when he did my shutter when click! And the stars aligned!


a baby boy wrapped in scarves for his newborn sessiona baby ailing softly in his sleepa baby sleeping with his eyes closed and long lashes on his cheeks


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