What to Wear

March 21, 2013

Every single session I have done has included this question: What do I wear? What should I wear? Folks you are bang on by asking for advice!

The more planning you put into your wardrobe choice(s), the more your portraits go up a notch. It looks more professional, more put together and the right clothing will give your pictures a timeless look.

I started righting this lovely long post but instead decided to give you a visual.

On my Pinterest board you can see over 30 different ideas for family photos…colour schemes and styles.

What to Wear

I keep adding to those list and I am have been working on a few boards to add myself, from stores that are in Saint John, to make it a little easier (in my abundant free time, lol) These boards will give you some great ideas on what to look for when planning your wardrobes.

Last session I had a great client who put so much thought and planning into her wardrobe and I have to say it really showed! Her outfits were gorgeous, the pictures were stunning. Perfect colours, great fits, she looked amazing. I honestly cannot gush more because she made my job so easy!


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