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Family pictures…does this send a shiver down your spine like it does mine? As a professional I am fairly confident I can get everyone to look at the camera, I can might even be able to coax a smile from the most stubborn toddlers and I can promise I can create something that will thrill grandmas!

Why do *I* dread it? We I have five children…the older two are no trouble. At 11 and 13 they are pretty easy-going, they know enough to not move for the camera, smile and ignore the craziness coming from their youngest sisters. My 8 year old? Well she likes to please, and she will smile so big and so fake it makes me grimace and she will stress about posing ‘just perfect’ and we usually deal with some tears and dramatics. My younger girls are 4 and 3 and WILD…completely crazy, never sit still for 20 seconds. Both are ASD (autistic) and have sensory issues that make sitting for any period of time frustrating for them. I do have bi-annual ‘perfect’ pictures of my brood, and each one was stressful and adored (the art in our home is our children!).

Rosalie was turning 3 and I wanted pictures of her being HER. She is PURE joy! She giggles and laughs and runs and her little smile is worth earning, her comprehension is increasing daily but she doesn’t understand the commands or instructions I give her all of the time.

The evening was warm, the light was GORGEOUS and it was bath time, which should have signalled the Mom and me to start rounding them up to begin the bedtime routine. Instead, I decide quickly on a whim to BREAK ALL OF THE RULES. I quickly yelled for Kathleen to help me find something for the girls to wear (it is summer and they are living in their bathing suits, even if we don’t get wet), I didn’t worry about hair, I made sure the clothes at least didn’t clash, popped them in carseats and headed to my favourite field in St George.

We coated ourselves literally with bug spray and then we PLAYED! We ran and they giggled and they ran some more, then plopped on the blanket. I posed a bit, for the most part I let them be THEM. It was the craziest fastest, wildest session and I broke all of the photography ‘rules’ I typically follow. The goal wasn’t to see 3 smiling perfectly posed little girls but to see the real smiles…the crazy hair, the expression when they are with each other, the LOVE. We were not well prepared and under 10 minutes they were DONE and it was all I needed.

This session gives me all the feels! My heart burst a little when I finally had a chance to edit. I will do my annual fall session with all 5 of my kids and for once I am NOT dreading it, I am throwing the perfection out the window (will still be pulling it out for their annual gift to grandparents!). I love that I captured my Rosalie with her sisters being wild, free and three!



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