My last June 2017  wedding was being held at  Lily Lake Pavilion, which is located at the head of Rockwood Park in Saint John. I had Lisa Garnett from Lisa Dawn Weddings join me as a second shooter. Lisa is an amazing photographer from Hampton and she and I have worked together several times and I was excited she was able to second shoot this wedding! Sarah-Lynn and Jared are an amazing couple who are always smiling and laughing. They are the parents of the sweetest little girls and celebrated their wedding with all of their loved ones at Lily Lake.

Rain threatened all day and a heavy fog settled on the city but we were not overly worried! Sarah-Lyn and Jared had Spurs decorate the pavilion and the venue was absolutely stunning! The room was completely transformed with black, white and damask, with small touches of purple.  Their ceremony was filled with laughter, tears and more laughter. Jared gallantly passed his bride his handkerchief when she began to tear up.

The rain held off long enough for the new couple to have pictures outside on the dock and boardwalk (and locked gates didn’t stop this couple, they hopped the fence to access the dock). I told Lisa that this couple is amazing, having done their engagement pictures previously) and to watch Jared. We would set up a pose and then he would look down at her with such love that Lisa exclaimed out loud, “Oh my goodness!! How he LOOKS at her!”

Their dinner was nothing short of amazing, Jared is the chef at Lily Lake and everything was perfection! The speeches had everyone in stitches laughing with stories of how they first met.

Thank you Sarah-Lynn and Jared for having myself and Lisa photograph your amazing family and your special day.

bride and groom kissing on the dock at Lily Lake pavilionfather dancing with his little girl





Images by Enchanted Hill Photography and second shot by Lisa Dawn Weddings

Decor- Spur Your Imagination

Hair and Makeup- Element 5 Spa

Venue & Catering- Lily Lake Pavilion


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Our schedules were both so busy and it was less than a week away from her wedding, before I finally met Makala.  She is the sweetest person with a warm and bubbly personality and she was also getting married in my hometown. After only a couple of minutes of chatting with her, I was so excited to be her wedding photographer! I knew we would work well together because she was so easy going!

The night before her wedding, I think everyone was feeling nervous jitters as the thunder, lightening and rain storm passed over but the morning brought beautiful warm sunshine! There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the softest summer breeze. The day was everything a June wedding should be.

The morning started with the guys who were all ready, relaxed and ready to have a good time. Jessie appeared very calm but excited! After the guys pictures I headed over to the Granite Town Hotel for the bridal preparations. There were so many laughs between all of the bridesmaids, with everyone oohing and awing over the pretty details of Makala’s dress. The flower girls were being very sweet and so patient while waiting for everyone. Makala told us she had not spoken to Jessie all day and she was wondering how Jessie was faring.

Everything ran on time, Makala’s  amazing hair and makeup team did incredible work and had all of the bridal party ready with time to spare. The bride wanted to put on her dress with only her best friend and mother in the room. The girls were completely ready and headed out into the hallway to give the bride a little quiet. When the dress was on and her jewellery in place she invited her bridesmaids and flower girls back into the hotel room for the big reveal. There was gasps, tears, hugs and so much happiness for their beloved friend.

Jessie and Makala were married surrounded by family and friends who loved this couple so much and when she walked down the aisle, again more happy tears were shed by their guests.

My favourite moments? During the bride and groom’s formal portraits I would ask the groom to give a soft kiss and it would last and last. They are so madly in love with each other and their happiness is contagious.

Thank you Makala and Jessie for having me as your photographer, I enjoyed spending the day with with you both and getting to know you and your amazing families. I wish you both happiness in your future!



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My darling Rosie-Posie. She is the happiest, sunniest little creature, when well rested (that is the key…woken from her morning sleep or nap before she is ready and she is the polar opposite). She is my baby, my mess maker (amazing how she can destroy a room under 20 seconds flat) and my joy.

The last time I blogged about her we were struggling with her diagnosis of Autism and comprehension issues  and in February she joined her older sister,  Cecilia, in daily therapy. Cecilia thrived in therapy, she flew at break neck speed through programs. Amazed us daily with every accomplishment and I was excited for Rosalie to begin the same journey and could not wait for her to wow us with every weekly report.

She may be the youngest of five siblings and she may trail behind them while they play but she never tries to keep up. She walks to her own path and her journey is hers alone. The comprehension issues are greater than we wished and her learning curve is large. She struggles to learn new targets and struggles to retain what she has learned. Language is improving, there is more and she is putting words together and we are so thankful for the amazing work her therapy workers do.

However, we were advised it was time to reach out and find more answers, to find out why. I reached out to our family doctor and again found myself feeling deja vu.  Wishing my worries would be dismissed as over reacting but praying they listened to our concerns. We have amazing doctors in my children’s lives and he listened and agreed. We now await more specialists, more testing and hope that a solid answer is on her horizon.

I am staying hopeful.

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graduates from Fundy High School                 Fundy High School has requested that we return this year again to their 2017 Graduation! We are excited to have been asked to return and the overwhelming and positive response we received from last years graduation.

We will be creating CD’s that will include candids and formals of the students, receiving their diploma’s, graduation exercises, Grand March and Grand March Formals. The CD’s will have pictures of every student and every CD will be the same.

The grads are busy preparing for their final exams and last minute details of their ceremonies and to make their (parent’s) lives easier we are including the order form here online.


Payment can be made:

  • -in person
  • -cash (please have correct amount)
  • -cheque (made out to Enchanted Hill Photography)
  • -EMT (
  • -Visa/Mastercard

The CD’s will be completed and ready for pick up June 26th until June 26-June 30th, at 202 Brunswick Street, St George. Any CD’s NOT picked up after July 1st will be sent through the mail.

 To contact us with any questions please email or call 506-608-0791

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First wedding of the season kicked off in St Andrews, New Brunswick at Kingsbrae Gardens. I am thrilled that this year wedding season began with such an sweet and amazing couple!

I have been photographing Jenna and Matt’s story from the time they were expecting their first little little, newborn pictures, family pictures, another maternity and the newborn pictures of their second son.

I was driving to the studio one day and Jenna messaged me and told me to look, I pulled over on the highway and it was a picture of her engagement ring! She told her bridesmaids on her wedding day, that I was the second person to find out! I was so happy to be the one, to capture this special day for this amazing couple.

When I arrived at the Blue Heron Inn, Jenna was as relaxed as could be. As her photographer, I was a little bit worried because we encounter HAIL on our drive into St Andrews. before arriving for the girls getting ready pictures, I went to the Algonquin, where Matt and the boys were getting ready and asked the staff about using the empty Rotunda for pictures, just in case the heavy rain did not cease, I wanted to have a pretty back up in place. However, Jenna said she would NOT talk about the rain because the sun would shine! We could see some sunshine in the distance and cross our fingers and tried to share her optimism.

Before she put on her beautiful and stylish gown, Jenna read a packet of letters from everyone who loved her (and there were a pile!) and her eyes were misty with emotion. Her bridesmaids begged her not to cry so she wouldn’t ruin her makeup!

Matt and Jenna opted to have a ‘First Look’, before the ceremony they met privately to see each other for the first time and have their formal pictures. It started with rain but when we hopped on the golf cart, driven by a staff member at Kingbrae, the sun peaked through the clouds and we went throughout the gardens. Rain would stop and start and finally clearing up a little bit and we quickly headed to the Block House.

The wedding party and family met us back at Kingsbrae, we took everyone’s picture by same tree she hoped to be married under. We were rushing because in the distance the black clouds were rolling closer and the thunder could be heard. The wedding party retreated for a short time and we headed into the tent as the storm approached. Everyone stared sadly, from the tent,  at the pretty white chairs that were outside, set up for an outdoor wedding. Plans were made to have the ceremony inside but then Jenna’s hopeful attitude prevailed and the cloud split and the sun began to shine brightly.

Staff from Kingsbrae, guests and family sprung into action by wiping down chairs and replacing the decor to its original spots outside…and Jenna was able to have her beautiful outdoor wedding.

Thank you Jenna and Matt for including me in your wedding as your photographer! I could not be happier for you both!

Wedding Party at Kingsbrae GardensBride and groom having wedding pictures done at Kingsbrae GardenWedding pictures in St Andrews Bride and Groom having wedding pictures at the St Andrews Block House Wedding at Kingsbrae GardensWedding meal prepared by chef Alix Haun


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