Alvin | A Fredericton Baby Photographer

August 4, 2018

I really cannot wait till he is older and his Mom yells for the first time, “Alvvvvvin!”….or his first Halloween costume with that red hat and red sweater…all teasing aside this is my nephew and we still giggle over his name and it was the name his sweet Momma has been dreaming of for many years, but first came his two sisters.

Nieces and nephews are at the mercy of their aunty…who gets to kiss them (cause it would be a bit weird to kiss strangers babies) and cuddle them a bit longer. Parents are at the mercy because I will do the setups any way I want. We play around and try new things and the end results are always one or two images I am completely in love with for artistic reasons but mostly because they are my people.

Alvin had some nice greenery in his session and ┬áplease don’t ask for that ivy…I killed it. Apparently my new-found hobby of house plants became a hobby of murdering house plants so we will stick with plastic from now on (or bring your own and I promise my black thumb won’t touch it).



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