White Boho Greenery Cake Smash

August 4, 2018

I am so in love with this theme of white boho greenery cake smash!! Whether Mom and I were collaborating on some ideas and she said she wanted this my heart did a little happy dance! I have the sweetest new outfit for it and those floral hoops are my favourite diy I have done in a LONG time! It is so pretty that I even did this theme for my daughters 4th birthday!

Brie was as always so sweet! She is quite stoic and only gave me a few shy smiles but her eyes do all of the talking! She was pleasant and charmed us so many times with her sweet personality (pretty sure she gets that from her Mama!). I loved photographing her again because the last time I saw her she was just a tiny little newborn!!

I always begin my cake smash sessions with a few classic portraits. Capture them sitting or standing, depending what stage they are at. Let them warm up a bit so it doesn’t feel too weird for someone to be holding a big camera to their face! And then we prepare her cake smash setup!

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