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August 4, 2018

camping cake smash

Jackson was back for his first birthday session and cake smash! His Mum wanted a camping theme and we discussed colours and and the setup! I have done a lumberjack theme a few times and adjusted it slightly to suit Jackson. As always he was 100% full of personality and is such a joy to photograph! His Mom and I marvelled at his cuteness and she chased him around the studio! We both laughed and laughed during his cake smash because he thought that was pretty tasty!!!

I cannot wait to see him this fall for the last part of his baby plan!

Camping Cake Smash

White Boho Greenery Cake Smash

I am so in love with this theme of white boho greenery cake smash!! Whether Mom and I were collaborating on some ideas and she said she wanted this my heart did a little happy dance! I have the sweetest new outfit for it and those floral hoops are my favourite diy I have done in a LONG time! It is so pretty that I even did this theme for my daughters 4th birthday!

Brie was as always so sweet! She is quite stoic and only gave me a few shy smiles but her eyes do all of the talking! She was pleasant and charmed us so many times with her sweet personality (pretty sure she gets that from her Mama!). I loved photographing her again because the last time I saw her she was just a tiny little newborn!!

I always begin my cake smash sessions with a few classic portraits. Capture them sitting or standing, depending what stage they are at. Let them warm up a bit so it doesn’t feel too weird for someone to be holding a big camera to their face! And then we prepare her cake smash setup!

August 4, 2018

white boho greenery cake smash
pink and white cake smash

May 17, 2018

pink and white cake smash

The first year flies by, so many firsts, so many wondrous moments. Elouise charmed her family the moment she arrived and we can hardly believe that already she is one. She was happy to looking around and serene and serious. Her sweet little eyes never missed anything and we all had high hopes for her cake smash. Her pink and white themed cake smash had a modern twist with the hooped pink hydrangea flowers and a white vintage romper.

She had other ideas.

She was not overly excited about her cake. We tried every way we could possibly think of to get her to touch the cake. After one poke she decide that she had enough. We tried to get her to play with some of her toys by sticking them in the cake. She was not impressed we got them dirty. As it turned out, she was not excited about ANY cake! A few days later on her birthday, with family and friends, she was presented with another cake. Once again she let her family know she was not a big fan.

We never know how a baby will react to a cake! Sometimes they think it is their chance to destroy their food like they have always wanted to and other times they decide it is not happening. Ever.

On the bright side? She was sweet, her white and fascia pink hydrangea set up was so pretty.  I love that we were able to make it modern while keeping some vintage flavour.

baby smiling for picturesfirst birthday girl dresses in vintagepink and white hydrangea cake smash

May 17, 2018

toddler riding a rocking horse

I have been photographing Jamie’s families for almost  five years! His parents had their first session with me when they were pregnant with their oldest daughter and over the past few years we have had over six sessions and this was lucky number seven!

His parents wanted to celebrate Jamie turning two. I give parents a fair warning to bring snacks, bribes and attic because two is a difficult age to photograph. Two year olds are curious, amazing, nosey and overall BUSY! They never sit still. Jamie didn’t disappoint! He checked out everything in the studio, ran around, played, snacked and kept his mom and I hopping! At the end of the session we were completely beat out!

Toddler sessions are so much work but worth every single bit of effort. He was a darling and his pictures capture his personality, his little smiles and smirks and the fun he brings to his family’s life.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

toddler riding a rocking horsea curious and amazing toddlertoddler being silly


Two is Amazing

First Birthday and a Cake Smash | Ellie

Ellie’s mom booked a first birthday and cake smash session for her this winter. I always ask if parents had any idea of what type of a theme they would like to do or if they are open to a few new ideas. Ellie’s Mom was open to something different and I sent her little list with a few details. She like the idea of navy with stairs and a simple white outfit because it would be dramatic. I was so excited to agreed to that particular setup, it has been on my list of want to do for quite a few months.

Ellie was a joy to photograph! She smiled and and was very agreeable. We flew through her family pictures and the first couple of setups and then it was time for the cake smash. She LOVED the cake and appreciated every mouthful.

Thank you so much for brining Ellie to my studio!! She was joyful and fun to photograph!

first birthday family pictureslittle girl wearing a vintage rompera navy blue and gold cake smashlittle girl biting a cake with no handslittle girl enjoying her cake

May 17, 2018

little girl enjoying her cake
little girl wearing a vintage rose headband

September 20, 2017

Vintage Rose Cake Smash

I have not seen this little beauty since her newborn session! She was a beautiful sweet newborn and now at one she was still gorgeous! I pulled out one of my new sitter outfits from the exclusive Goodnightmoon Props with the matching headband. I loved the vintage feel with the cream barn wood!

When planning her cake smash her mother wanted something with flowers. I threw together a few ideas and finally decided on a vintage rose theme cake smash. Large soft pink roses with the chips white flower and  old crate, paired with a sweet white eyelet dress. Sky LOVED her cake! She smacked it, laugh and tasted and giggled. It was worth all of the mess!

Thank you so much for bringing Sky back to the studio! I love being able to see them again and capturing this special time in her life!

little girl wearing a neutral coloured vintage rompervintage rose cake smash theme and a little girl smashing her cakelittle girl wearing a vintage rose headband