pink and white cake smash

May 17, 2018

The first year flies by, so many firsts, so many wondrous moments. Elouise charmed her family the moment she arrived and we can hardly believe that already she is one. She was happy to looking around and serene and serious. Her sweet little eyes never missed anything and we all had high hopes for her cake smash. Her pink and white themed cake smash had a modern twist with the hooped pink hydrangea flowers and a white vintage romper.

She had other ideas.

She was not overly excited about her cake. We tried every way we could possibly think of to get her to touch the cake. After one poke she decide that she had enough. We tried to get her to play with some of her toys by sticking them in the cake. She was not impressed we got them dirty. As it turned out, she was not excited about ANY cake! A few days later on her birthday, with family and friends, she was presented with another cake. Once again she let her family know she was not a big fan.

We never know how a baby will react to a cake! Sometimes they think it is their chance to destroy their food like they have always wanted to and other times they decide it is not happening. Ever.

On the bright side? She was sweet, her white and fascia pink hydrangea set up was so pretty.  I love that we were able to make it modern while keeping some vintage flavour.

baby smiling for picturesfirst birthday girl dresses in vintagepink and white hydrangea cake smash

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