Two is Amazing

May 17, 2018

I have been photographing Jamie’s families for almost  five years! His parents had their first session with me when they were pregnant with their oldest daughter and over the past few years we have had over six sessions and this was lucky number seven!

His parents wanted to celebrate Jamie turning two. I give parents a fair warning to bring snacks, bribes and attic because two is a difficult age to photograph. Two year olds are curious, amazing, nosey and overall BUSY! They never sit still. Jamie didn’t disappoint! He checked out everything in the studio, ran around, played, snacked and kept his mom and I hopping! At the end of the session we were completely beat out!

Toddler sessions are so much work but worth every single bit of effort. He was a darling and his pictures capture his personality, his little smiles and smirks and the fun he brings to his family’s life.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

toddler riding a rocking horsea curious and amazing toddlertoddler being silly


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