Another Little Princess (New Brunswick Newborn Photographer)

A third little sister for this sweet family! This family is only of my favourites as I have had the chance to get to know them over the past few years!

Victoria arrived with the wildest hair and I was insanely in love with her for that reason (my babies were so bald their little heads shined!). We had fun ‘styling’ her hair and made sure that the headbands didn’t squash and of its natural volume.

Her big sister was a rare baby that arrived sleeping and never woke to see what was happening but Miss Victoria was like the majority of the babies that come to the studio. She looked around, got the hiccups, stared us a down a bit more but finally slipped into a mid-morning nap and we had some fun photographing her!

Her big sister was an expert at holding babies and her other sister Eloise, who we were not sure if she would cooperate for her pictures was a rockstar! She smiled and cheesed at the camera perfectly!

sleeping baby posed for a picture wearing a floral headband
sleeping baby sleeping in a wooden vintage bucket wearing a cream headband
two family pictures of siblings and parents holding a sleeping baby
a sleeping baby sleeping wrapped in a scarf and wearing a lacy bonnet