New Brunswick Winter Maternity Session

So many years ago (over 8!) I was a brand spanking new photographer. I have a camera and one lens and nothing else. My portfolio consisted of a small handful of families, a few babies and hundreds of my three kids (8 years ago I only had the older kids).

Goodlife Photography was gracious enough to allow me to second shoot at her weddings. This was amazing because Julie was kind enough to allow a green photographer to tag along, learn and observe. Allison and Greg’s wedding was one of those second shooting gigs.

Fast forward Allison was a client of mine for dog grooming, they live up the street and I see her here and there.

When she messaged for a maternity session I was over the moon happy for her and Greg! They have waited so very long for this little prince to arrive.

She had a beautiful red gown, I had a black gown and we had a small town with limited variety to shoot from but I also know how pretty this little hidden gem could be in the sunshine.

stunning red maternity gown by the water in New Brunswick, Canada

We had hoped for snow and we didn’t quite get enough to completely cover the brush and grass but the bright spot was it was easier to walk around.

couple cuddled together by the water for pregnancy photos

I loved her hair and makeup! So perfect! Honestly, how many times do we get to dress up in a gorgeous gown, wear lovely makeup and do our hair like a princess? Not enough times!

black winter gown from chicaboo for maternity pictures

When I spied her scarf she wore on the walk with her winter coat I knew I had to use it with this black gown. Sometimes it works out beautifully!

maternity gown paired with a plaid scarf for winter maternity pictures

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