Baby Sessions

May 10, 2024

Over Easter we had a little one arrive who was no longer a newborn but too little to sit up. He was in that award stage for photographers. Cannot pose but so sweet. We photographed him exactly as he was, he sweet little personality. Captured those big beautiful eyes!

baby laying on a white knit blanket

I have focused the majority of my career on newborn photography. It has required so much education, props, equipment, etc. Families of all ages and sizes still come into the studio but this is the age group that is honestly a little bit trick.

During the Covid years there were families who were unable to have their newborn pictures taken. A few came in when their baby was a bit older and sad that they would not get the squishy, posed newborn art they hoped to have on their walls. We still tried to make those dreams a reality by wrapping a little but most of the props were too small for these 12lbs+ babies.

Family snuggling a sleeping baby

I decided to go simple. Focusing on your baby, simple little onesies and wraps. Capturing your baby as they are in the moment, sleeping or awake. Still with that Enchanted Hill style you recognize. Photographed in the tiny studio in Saint John.

These baby sessions can be an add on to your newborn session or replace the newborn session entirely. Like a newborn session these session are run by your baby, if they need a break they get a break. They are focused on baby and maybe Mom and Dad’s hands and arms to cuddle them (because we know for some babies that is where you will always find them).

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