Redefining Maternity Sessions in Saint John

April 10, 2024

Photographing maternity sessions in my studio has always been one of my favourites. There I am able to control the light, I do not need to worry about the weather and it is easier to schedule. No worries about what the rain clouds plan to do on those days!

Once a client books we begin sharing ideas of what they want from their session and I was seeing a common trend. A modern style and approach. It was also not quite the same as I was producing in the studio.

Maternity portrait if a women wearing a black body suit and kneeling on her knees with eyes closed.

I love their inspiration and I wanted to achieve what they desired, plus, when I see what others could create I needed to know HOW. This meant studying on my part, talking with other photographers and eventually educators. My goal was to create beautiful, modern and stylish maternity photos in my small Saint John studio.

woman posing in a studio for a maternity portraits with her eyes closed wearing a long white gown

A few courses later I was better understanding what was holding me back and as always it was equipment I didn’t own. A large investment later I was excited to get started and this gorgeous maternity session made all the hours of learning come to fruition.

a woman is laying on the ground and is pregnant and wearing a black bodysuit in a photography studio

This client and I had a great conversation during her ordering appointment. She wanted to feel beautiful and celebrate this pregnancy. Using the lighting and new soft boxes we were able to create different looks in the studio that was redefining maternity sessions in Saint John.

backlit maternity image

The goal was to have people look at her pictures and say, ‘Wow!’ that we accomplished!

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