Covid Safety Plan

When the world shut down due to COVID-19, so did our studio. Re-opening only came after the New Brunswick photography community was given the green light from the Government of New Brunswick, specifically for photographers.

In conjunction with the Province of New Brunswick, WorkSafe NB, and Public Health we were given guidelines and required to fill out paperwork outlining our safety procedures. 

little boy holding a baby with someone spotting for safety sits next to him

We are in a unique position that we work in close quarters with newborns, children and families who are unmasked. Safety is our top priority (one of the reasons I also work with an assistant for newborn sessions). 

Some of the procedures stay the same, whereas others have changed. We have also increased some of the precautions more than recommended for our own peace of mind. 

COVID Safety Plan

At Enchanted Hill Photography no one (photographer, assistant, and clients) who traveled outside the Atlantic bubble, had contact with someone outside the Atlantic bubble within 21 days may not enter the studio.

No one is permitted with cough, fever, sore throat, or other symptoms of COVID. 21 Days must pass after any illness before entering the studio. 

Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering the studio with an alcohol content of 60% or higher.

Photographer and assistant must wear masks covering mouth and nose while photographing clients. They must also wear latex-free gloves when touching a client. 

All loose fabrics touched by clients must be taken for washing after every session.

Cleaners with bacteria-killing ingredients are used to wipe down garbage, door handle, all surfaces clients touch after every session. Floors are mopped after every client as well.

How We Can Do More

Jen and I love what we do and have had serious conversations about what we could do to go the extra mile. Things like the toys have been removed from the studio, snacks and drinks are not longer available for clients at the current time.

We have both personally made the decision to avoid large gatherings where people may not take safety precautions. Wearing masks even when it is not necessary but we feel there is a risk. These were personal decisions based on a sense of responsibility for our tiny clients.

Good Job Saint John!

We are so proud of how Saint Johners have gone above and beyond by staying home during the quarantine, self-isolating when they were at possible risk, and all to keep friends and family safe.

Watching the small businesses come together to make sure we all get through this safe and healthy. I love seeing the steps some of the restaurants have made to make outdoor dining spaces and more shops having online options.

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