Award-Winning Photographer

October 21, 2020

As of Sunday, I can now say I am an Award-Winning Photographer! This has been a huge goal of mine for man years and to have finally achieved this first step has been amazing!

She Holds Your Secrets

There are so many different competitions that a photographer can enter but I wanted to choose something that had a higher purpose and peer-reviewed. I choose to go through PPA (Professional Photography Associations ), the world’s largest trade organization for photographers. Their International Photography Competition was held and judged the past few days and I am excited to say 3 of my images were awarded merit!

I also had two images that the judges argued and discussed going to a higher level for the competition. Overall they did not score higher but I was given great information on what to do better next time and how close I came!

little girl wearing a blue dress and holding a brown teddy bear
I Don’t Trust You

This process of learning has taken almost a decade of study and practice and the advice of good friends in the photography world. I loved learning a new technique of editing, I also love finding the ‘story’ and titling my images.

identical twins holdings each other
Can You See the Difference?

The competition bug has bitten me and now I cannot wait to enter my next competition.

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