How Much Is a Newborn Photo Shoot?

This is the #1 question most people ask when they inquire. I completely understand too! I have 5 children of my own and babies are expensive! You need to research and purchase a carseat, a crib, diapers, clothes, a bed, bedding and the list goes on and on!

how much does a newborn session like thi cost?

They Grow Up and Out

Here is the thing no one really warns you about, all those big purchases? Someday they will be gone. Your baby will grow up and the crib will be packed away, shuttled to the basement or sold. Eventually you will not need those strollers because those chubby little legs will be thinned out and running ahead of you.

baby boy in new brunswick getting his pictures taken

The only thing you will have left is a big kid and the memories. This is why pictures really are so valuable, they will take you back to the moment your life changed forever.

Quality and Service

The how much a newborn shoot can cost will wildly vary! This depends on the quality of the service and what is offered. A higher quality photographer will have pictures that are very consistent. You know exactly what you pictures will look like because of this high quality!

There are some photographers who have a studio, here at Enchanted Hill we have a commercial studio (outside of the home in a commercial building). Some photographers do not offer props and outfits and others like us will have a client closet and studio full of every props and every colour you would ever desire.

inside the studio of enchanted hill photography


The time commitment to the session will also affect the price. How long will the session be? Posed is often more time consuming than lifestyle and the amount of editing that will happen as well. Some photographers will capture the images as is whereas others like us will edit away scratches and blemishes.

how much does a newborn shoot like this cost?

How much is a newborn photo shoot? Here at Enchanted Hill, at the current time, newborn pictures begin at $375+tax. Some people invest more and spent $600-1200, it depends on your budget and wants. This price is subject to change.

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