Relaxed Newborn Posing

I love posing newborns, it is difficult and never guaranteed but really showcases every little detail your baby’s face. Lately I have been pushing my skills to include relaxed newborn posing.

What is Relaxed Newborn Posing?

What exactly is “relaxed newborn posing”? It looks simple, as if your baby was stretching and then places themselves in a position on their own. Focusing on your baby and not the props. Black and white look equally as stunning as it does in colour.

black and white picture of a relaxed newborn posed with sibling holding their hands

Dreamy, simple, so natural and a bit like lifestyle photography. The perfect blend for families who are trying to decide what style of newborn photography they want showcased in their homes.

It is Easy?

It is also the hardest posing to do with a new baby. The first time I saw this style I was immediately drawn it and my clients love it as well. The downside? Incredibly hard to do well. Babies need to be in a deep sleep, any small movement meant starting all over. Every tiny detail has to be perfect.

black and white picture of a clenched hand from relaxed newborn posing

Why is it so hard? We will blame it on the Moro Reflex. When babies feel like they are not being held, and lack of pressure on their arms and legs they instinctually flail their limbs. Startling themselves and waking up (it is the same feeling we get when we miss a step and your heart jumps to your throat). Often in newborn photography we wrap the babies because it is soothing, they feel secure and safe. Remove those wraps and they feel vulnerable.

relaxed newborn posed on a bed with an older sibling kissing their head

The effort is completely worth the end result. I like to add this relaxed posing into each session if the baby is sleepy enough and will allow us to pose them just right. It takes some serious baby whispering to achieve this relaxed and natural pose (which is anything but).

What about Siblings?

I love that this can allow brothers and sisters to join in as well (it is often easier with older siblings but sometimes we get lucky and they are as awesome as this big sister! ) Once we have a few pictures taken we can ask if the sibling would like to come over and hold their baby’s tiny little hand. Maybe a little kiss on the forehead? If the older sibling is a bit too young and not overly interest (which happens quite often!) we will stick a little treat of in the baby’s blanket and get their attention that way.

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