Every Colour in the Rainbow

September 5, 2022

One of the most difficult parts of stocking a newborn studio is what to carry. There are thousands of options for backdrops, props, accessories. In reality we need to carry every colour in the rainbow.

What colour do the majority of our clients ask for their newborn session? The answer is neutrals. Cream, white, grey or brown. Very simple and classic. They goal is for these pictures to look amazing in every room in their home.

Every now and then clients will tell us to surprise them. I personally love when a client types this in their questionnaire! I already know what colours are found in their home (because I always ask before designing the gallery) and this allows me use the colour wheel and pick pops of colour that will coordinate and compliment.

Choose Whatever You Want

Sometimes there is a new colour backdrop waiting to be used and I cannot wait till I hear the magic words to choose whatever…*insert happy dance*

The collage below is almost every colour I have in stock but I know I am missing a few. There are a few greys missing, creams and I know there are a couple bright pinks that a waiting for the perfect berry themed session. There are also multiple shades of blue I know I am missing from the pictures below.

Every Colour is Chosen with a Tone in Mind

Despite have such a wide variety, I still keep my colours within the rustic colour range. Nearly every colour is found not only in the rainbow but also within nature. I shy away from the overly bold and neon colours because I found they are not consistent with my style and rarely requested.

When booking your newborn session do not be afraid of a little pop of colour and feel free to refer to this collage in the future. My assistant and I love when people request a colour we rarely use!

Every colour in the rainbow is show in the collage of baby pictures and multiple backdrop colours.

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