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Now Offering Headshots

We are growing a little and adding to what the studio offers: Saint John headshots are now available for clients to book. From a simple headshot that you can use on social media and to more contemporary that will allow you to stand out from the competition. Images that can be used on your social profiles, dating sites, billboards and printed collateral.

A man is standing in a photography studio for a headshot, facing the camera and slightly smiling. Wearing a blazer and hands in pockets.

Why Headshots?

Why are we offering professional headshots after years of focusing and specializing in babies and families? Many of our parents are returning to work after their 12-18 month maternity and parental leaves. They feel the need to update their current profiles to reflect the new stage in their life. This was a need and request from many of our clients.

The focus of the studio has been newborns and families (and still remains the main niche) but every month our clients would mention they need a headshot. They wanted the same quality they have experienced with their family photos and above all they wanted it to be easy.

We also receive emails each month from new clients who needed a headshot yesterday (it is always rushed) and often the calendar wouldn’t allow such short notice. The schedule has been adjusted to allow for headshots each week.

How We Are Different

Our clients love knowing every detail is taken care of when it comes to their portraits and with headshots it will be no different. You need it to be fast, easy and simplified, we can make it happen quicker then a lunch break.

Unlike our typical sessions that require emails and planning, the headshots are streamlined and simple. Often time is lost between emailing, instead we decided to go with an online booking system. Pick the date and time that works best for your schedule.

Pay easily online and receive your receipt for tax purposes, show up and the entire session will take 10 minutes. Want more variety and full body poses? A contemporary headshot may be the session for you. This simplified system makes your life easier. As a result, getting headshots is less stressfull!

Classic and modern headshots that will give you the professionalism you need in your career.

Click here to review the two different types of sessions and book yours today.

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