Modern Black and White Portraits

January 22, 2023

If you love black and white portraits, then you will love our modern version. I am taking portraits of children and families in my studio in the timeless style of black and white. Black and white portraits have been a favourite for generations because it is a classic style that has stood the test of time. It is great for not only children but also families.

A boy is smiling while he stands with one foot crossed in front of another. Next to him is a little girl with long hair who is swinging her arms and also smiling.

Black and White is Wildly Popular in Home Decor

Why are black and white portraits having a resurgence in popularity? In one part it has to to do with the change in the styles in home design and decor. Mid century modern, home that have black and white and clean lines. Black and white portraits also look at home in a traditional home as well. They look great in any room and most importantly they are such a timeless piece of artwork.

A collage of six children all smiling and smirking at the viewer. The portraits are all black and white.

The Focus is on your Sweet Child

Simple clean portraits with no props to help tell a story because the story is the child. There is no colour to distract the viewer and your eye is drawn to theirs. There is nothing more precious than a photograph of a child. The black and white portrait are a way to capture your child’s personality and spirit in an incredible way.

A boy is staring at the viewer with no expression on his face, his arms are crossed across his chest and t-shirt.

Not Only for Little Children

These modern black and white portraits are no only for small children and toddlers. They also are perfect for adults and teenagers. Creating a sophisticated and timeless look that will be admired for decades.

A modern black and white portrait of a teenager who is wearing a suit for his graduation.

Modern Black and White Portraits are Easier to Prepare

As a photographer and parent you cannot go wrong with modern black and white portraits. The style of clothing does not really matter. As long as the clothes are not wrinkled and there are no logos, the fashion can be modern or classical. Dressed up or dressed down. The focus will be on your child and their personality.

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