Spyglass Hill in Rothesay, NB

January 26, 2023

As a photographer in Saint John, I heard about Spyglass Hill in Rothesay, NB. I finally went this mythical little spot and made a mistake. It is easy to miss if you are not looking.

When another friendly photographer, from Valley Photography gave me the correct directions. The pathway leading up to the hill is heavily perfumed with the scent of the ferns that surround the path. The little forest is quite enchanting before you see the hill.

A young couple is standing at sunset on SpyGlass Hill in Rothesay, NB. She is wearing a green dress and posing for her maternity session.

First Impression of SpyGlass Hill

After a 5 minutes hike you reach the crest and receive your first impression of SpyGlass Hill in Rothesay. It is breath taking and awe inspiring. Having grown up in local Quispamsis, I had never knew this little piece of paradise existed. The views are incredible because you can see all of the greenery of the town of Rothesay. You can also see the Saint John River. The magic is the fact that all the houses and subdivisions disappear from this vantage. Miles and miles of greenery with only a classic little white church steeple peaking from the trees.

It is hard to believe that you have left the hustle and busy Rothesay Road and now in this quiet little world. People love this slice of paradise! There are trash bags at the path entrance, you see people carefully picking up trash and people understanding that SpyGlass Hill is a privilege.

A couple are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary on the top of SpyGlass Hill and down in the fields.

SpyGlass Hill is a Photographer’s Dream

As a photographer, SpyGlass Hill is a Dream. On any given fair evening you will find the hill teeming with hikers enjoying the quiet and many small groups of photographers.

From the top of the crest where you can capture the entire valley and Saint John River, to the paths down below in the small little fields. Every change in path, direction and bush will give a photographer an entirely different look. Clients will look back on their pictures and wonder how their pictures look like they changed locations in under an hour.

SpyGlass Hill changes every season. From the brown greenery in the late spring, the brighter greens and flowers in the summer and the hazy red golden light in the fall. Winter makes the trip too difficult due to the icy paths.

A couple is standing in a field in Rothesay, NB at the bottom of SpyGlass Hill.

Paving Paradise? The Possible End of the Landmark

Sadly as the song says, they may pave paradise and there may be a possible end to this landmark. SpyGlass Hill in Rothesay, NB, is for sale and a development is proposed. Apartments, condos, townhouses, houses…

It is heartbreaking to all those who dearly love this little spot of paradise. There are so few green spaces the public can access and none with the rare beauty and unique attributes as SpyGlass can offer. Where can you walk in a busy town and feel like you were transported into the countryside? In Facebook posts people have requested that the town purchase the property and leave her as is for the people to continue to enjoy. However, there is not movement towards this action.

SpyGlass isn’t flashy, she doesn’t have any amenities, signage or fancy anything. That is the beauty of this magical place.

A young woman poses for her maternity photos in the top of SpyGlass Hill in Rothesay, NB

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