Normal Things Your Baby Does

A couple of weeks ago I had a great conversation with a doctor about the normal things your baby does. This doctor was also client and second time mom. We were able to chat over the next hour about what we see as professionals who see and handle babies. The best part was her confirming our knowledge of what was completely normal newborn behaviour.

Newborn baby is looking directly at the viewer with wide awake eyes.

They Never Stop Moving

Newborn are always wiggling and twitching in their sleep. Remember being pregnant and the constant feeling of them against you? Yup, it continues! The difference now is their reflexes are kicking in and that are not squished in a ball. How much they move varies baby to baby, some will never stop they little horizontal baby wiggles and others will have quieter moments.

Spitting Up

Amazing how much they can spit up and so quickly! It can feel like they have spit up their entire meal (and yes, sometimes they do!). Some babies will spit up frequently and they remain happy. Some will have a little overflow, burb and bring a little up. It can feel a little scary and worrisome when they do this and frustrating when other mothers nod their heads and do not have the same level of concern as you.

I know I am in this club, my oldest spit up constantly and we kept receiving blankets on hand to catch the mess. He was happy and calm but every meal meant a spitting up until he was about 6 months old.

If you baby is showing discomfort, curdled milk, discoloured milk or loosing weight seek medical help.

Never Wanting to Be Put Down

A woman is holding her new baby girl at a photography studio.

Newborns have spent 9 months in the womb and this big world can feel a little lonely and scary. Being in your arms means feeling safe and it is comforting to them.

It can make our lives as parents difficult because all we want is a little sleep! It is completely normal that your baby wants to be held 24/7.

Options are to swaddle your baby. There are swaddles on the market that will keep baby safe, give that gentle pressure that will feel like your arms.

You can trade time with your partner, while one cuddles and one sleeps. Call a friend or take up the offers from others who have told you to call them anytime. This is your village reaching out.

Wearing your baby in a carrier can give your arms back to you as well. There are so many carriers out there and even groups on social media for families who do ‘baby wearing’.

It’s Normal to not know what a normal baby does

It is completely normal to not know if what your baby is doing is normal! They are little strangers who did not arrive with an instruction manual. The best resources are to ask any friends and family, your family doctor, and nurses. Always go with your instincts and if some thing feels off to seek medical attention.

A new baby can feel overwhelming and second guessing yourself and this is all part of being a parent.

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