Top 70 Newborn Photography Websites 2021

This week gave me a nice little surprise, Enchanted Hill Photography was included in the Top 70 Newborn Photography websites. Considering there are thousands and thousands of newborn photographers it was nice to be included within this list.

pictures from a website of the top 70 newborn photography websites 2021

Privately I was geeking out a little because some of the names are ‘big’ names. They are the educators and the artists that are leading the industry in artistry and technique. I have taken online courses from a few of them and to be in a list alongside of them? That is pretty exciting to me!

I know that anyone can make one of these lists and I have no idea what the criteria was but I am still a little humbled to have been noticed. I don’t post as much as I should on social media to market my work but my website I try to keep up to date.

This website has been live for 10 years and has had some drastic changes! It looks so different from 2011 and I keep changing it every few months to make it a better experience for anyone who comes opens it up in their browser.

If you want to scroll down you will find my website at #60!

We are #60!

There are so many amazing photographers and websites out there and I am sure if this was a large panel making this decisions the results would be completely different. Whatever the reason I am still thankful that someone took notice and included me in their list of the top 70 Newborn Photography Websites for 2021.

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