Now He is One

April 18, 2017

The year has passed quickly and now he is one! The last time I saw this family was for Jamie’s newborn session. I have been watching this family grow with his parent’s first maternity session for his big sister and all of the milestones in between. They are the sweetest couple and I feel it has been a privilege to watch them grow into the family that they are today! When Mom booked this session and reminded me that he was turning one I was excited to see how big he has grown!

Julianna was extremely helpful and very complying! She want to please and took direction very easily, she really is a dream to work with! Not only is she cute but she gives REAL smiles with the tiniest touch of fun/sass that gives the pictures a little sparkle. Jamie is a typical one year old. Very cute, delightful and very curious! He found little areas in the studio he wanted to explore and we chased him around and convinced him that in front of the camera was the best place to be.

During the ordering session his Mom was surprised we managed to capture certain set ups and that is the typical way it always turns out! It is capturing those split second moments when they look into the camera before they are off to explore. Swinging them back into place so they feel it is fun and photoshopping Mom, who is inches from them, out of the picture. At the end of the time frame everyone is tired and a little sweaty from all of the up and down and back and forth but it is worth it!

I never know what I will get with toddlers but with this family I know I will be able to photograph amazing memories of their little ones at this stage.

Siblings sit together and smile for th e pictures while leaning forwarda little boy sits in a chair and smiles, his eyes are bluelittle girl lays on a rug facing the camera with her chin resting on her handsa one year old and his toddler sister sit in a studio for pictures

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